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Armex Tomcat II Pistol Crossbow OUT OF STOCK

£29.13 (ex. VAT)
80lb draw weight with a velocity of 195fps innovative design with the cocking handle doubling up as a shoulder stock, should you wish to use this pistol crossbow as a compact rifle. Fitted with Anti Dry Fire Mechanism, so you will not be able to fire this Bow without a Bolt in place, thus preventing damage to the crossbow as well as the user. Please note when stringing for the 1st time using the Stringing Aid, you will need to use the locking peg provided which allows you to Dry Fire. This should be the only time you Dry Fire (see instructions in package)

Made of durable ABS with alloy side rails, front fibre glow sight, rear adjustable sight mounted to 20mm rail. Also comes with detachable front pistol grip mounted to 20mm Ris rail, stringing aid, rail lube and 3x bolts
This is a variant of the Horizone Redback same power, but designed exclusively for Armex to distribute. In our opinion a great improvement having a stock fitted and for a limited time we are offering this at an extremely low price

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Chris Warren  /  Storrington

Superb Armex TomCat 2

The Pistol Crossbow, ordered Sunday afternoon, arrived Tuesday morning, that's amazing, thanks.

Took the brown paper wrapped box from the mailman and I was a bit concerned with a rattling sound from within, but pleasantly surprised by the solid weight of the Parcel.

Opened the box and realised reason for rattle. The packing is minimal, but secure. All parts are secured and protected in their own space in a simple moulded compartment tray. Great packing design, I thought.

I felt and scanned the parts. Wow, I then fell in love with this Crossbow cos the message was coming though - What a great solid design, tactile feel, fixings and finish.

I just don't care if its performance turns out to be minimalistic (this I doubt), its a fabulous pistol crossbow, which I just cant believe I purchased for such a small price tag.

The package includes 3 Bolts, Lubrication (for the bowstring and channel) and a very well designed stringer, so you can string the Crossbow on our own (See Videos).

SAFETY - As a firearms user, I really appreciate the easily accessible auto safety mechanism and double safety guard when stringing the Crossbow.

A Great bit of kit for introduction into this sport. Im glad I did not spend three times as much, which was my original intention.

Another great value and quality Armex product, whos Recurve Takedown Longbow, I already, proudly possess.